November 29, 2012



It's a little powerful motor control board in 4x4cm and is open source and open hardware project is fully available on github. With this board you can control two DC brushed motors with different control law, position control, velocity control and torque control. The board works better with ROS.


A web interface to control your robot in ROS. This webpage use jQuery Mobile and default roslibjs libraries. The interface have three principal pages, the first one with a big 3D map to control the status of the robot and send a goal,the second with detailed information about position and obstacle, and the third with the real time diagnostic of the robot.

ROS Web console
Augmented reality web interface


An plugin of ROS web console to interact the robot in an augmented reality environment. With this robot you can draw in real-time a new wall or clean an area with your phone or tablet. This application require another rosnode to fuse the information from the virtual world and real world.


A little stand to block your ZED camera in your robot, drone. To build this stand is required a 3D printer, a photographic screw, and if you want a spray.


A collection of all my electronics board. A lot of this used for my robotics project and other application. An example the μNAV is an evolution of the Motion control, in this page you can read the history about my first motor control board.

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