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Is a bigger robot for outdoor exploration. This robot have tracks with an articulated damper system. Panther is a tracked robot and mount a NVIDIA Jetson TX1 board to high level control and computer vision, uNAV for motor control and Stereolabs ZED camera.

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With an NVIDIA Jeston TK1 and an ASUS xTion sensor. This robot can work autonomously in a house and with a SLAM can build a map. Dude is wheeled robot, unicycle type, controlled by uNAV motor control board.

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Is the first motor end motion control for DC brushed motors in only 4x4cm fully controlled by ROS. This board is a open source project and all code is available on github. With a dsPIC33 you can control in angle, velocity and torque two motors and receive all telemetry and diagnostic information.

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is a first robot for high level indoor autonomous navigation. Explorer risen from ashes from Ottobot (bachelor degree thesis project) and is evolved during the master degree. It has a first version of Motor control and a little embedded board.

About me

Robotics - Industrial automation

I was born in 1986 in Rome, Italy and I'm a Ph.D. in System Engineer. I've long experience in robotics, both for academic carrier and hobby, let I've gained a significant skill in this field from my experiences in different kind of robotics.

I’m graduated with honor in “Automation and system engineering” in 2012 at University of Sapienza in Rome with a thesis on: “An autonomous mobile platform in a augmented reality”. The different components designed and built for the platform are described in details with emphasis on the various steps of the project implementation, the control systems and the supervisory control program, which make possible the simulation of the platform performance.

Now I’m a Ph. D. in Automation focused on "Non linear digital control applied in robotics”. I’ve built different autonomous platform for robotics suitable for exploration, “DUDE”, “Panther”.

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