University of Rome, "La Sapienza" 2006 – 2009

BSc in Automation and System Engineering

Thesis: Design and Realization of an autonomous mobile platform

Tutor: Prof. Salvatore Monaco, DIAG, La Sapienza

Value: 107/110


University of Rome "La Sapienza" 2009 – 2012

MSc in System and Control Engineering

Thesis: An autonomous mobile platform in an "Augmented reality" environment

Tutor: Prof. Salvatore Monaco, DIAG, La Sapienza

Value: 110 cum laude/110


Double PhD in Automation and Operative Research 2012-2016 between

University of Rome "La Sapienza" - Italy
L2S, Supélec, Université Paris Sud XI - France

Thesis: Non linear sampled-data for mobile robotics

Italian tutor: Prof. Salvatore Monaco, DIAG, Sapienza
French tutor: Prof. Dorothee Normand-Cyrot L2S, Supélec



During my university career I have acquired knowledge in engineering, with more interest in the field of control engineering, using the techniques of control for linear systems such summary trial, root locus, assignment of eigenvalues, synthesis of robust controllers. For systems of nonlinear control technique of Dynamic feedback linearization, backstepping.
Licensed of engineer in Italy


  • Deep Learning Specialization by on Coursera
    1. Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Certificate earned on September 04, 2017 (100%)
    2. Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization. Certificate earned on September 23, 2017 (100%)
  • Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera. Certificate earned on May 9, 2017
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by SIDRA. Certificate earned on July 2014
  • Introduction to the Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems by SIDRA. Certificate earned on July 2014
  • Robust Hybrid Control system by EECI - European Embedded Control Institute. Certificate earned on May 2013
  • Distribuited control by EECI - European Embedded Control Institute. Certificate earned on May 2013
  • 16-bit Standard peripherals and Programming using C30 by Microchip. Certificate earned on March 2009


Use of software in the control and engineering design e.g. Matlab & Simulink; Multiphisics programs such as Comsol. Mechanical modeling: Solidworks, SolidEdge. Use of Microsoft Windows operating systems, Mac OS, Linux Ubuntu. Knowledge of software ROS (Robot Operating System). Using the 3D printer uPrint SE

C/C++, C embedded, Java, Matlab, Assembler, Basic, JavaScript, Jquery, JSON, HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS3, sql, php, LATEX, UML
Microchip micros series PIC16F e PIC18F 8bit, dsPIC 16bit and Arduino. Linux Embedded ARM board: FoxBoard, Aria, Arietta, BeagleBone Black, CubieBoard v2, Intel Galileo, EDISON, NVIDIA Jetson TK1 & TX1. Oscilloscopes, tester, function generator Tektronix.
Matlab & Simulink, Comsol, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Eagle, VMware, R.O.S. (Robot Operative System).


Driving licence Driving licence B - Italy


Last featured experiences:



Employment: March 2017 - Now
City: Rome, Italy

Position: Junior consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Consultant for ENEL about energy smart metering. 

IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Employment: Oct 2014 – March 2015
City: Genova, Italy

Position: Stage

Roles and Responsibilities:

A Collaboration for european project called CoDyCo. Analysis of the phenomena of friction on brushless motors of the humanoid robot iCub. Development of a program on Matlab to estimate the phenomena of friction.

Reference: Prof. Francesco Nori and Daniele Pucci

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Jetson champ. Best user of NVIDIA Jetson TK1 and NVIDIA Jetson TX1
Excellent graduated "Sapienza" - 2011/2012 for Ms Thesis: "An autonomous mobile platform in an "Augmented reality" environment"


Last featured presentation:

Maker Faire Tokyo 2016

August 6th-7th, 2016 - Exhibition robots Panther and Dude and show design and technology on NVIDIA booth.
Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 2 + Atrium, 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-006

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Last featured publication:


Abstract:Powerful Autonomous eNTity High-End Robot (Panther) is a tracked robot made to explore an outdoor environment. It is built with different materials plexiglass, aluminium and plastic and different technologies. It has 9kg of weight and has a size of 42cm with, 40cm deep and 30cm height, with a ground clearance of 7cm. The tracks have a particular damping system with three different dampers. This robot has a ZED stereo camera an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and the unav a little motor control board. This hardware and the ROS framework enable the machine to interact or wandering around all objects. All code is available on github.

Raffaello Bonghi
Poster presented In GPU Technology Conference Europe, Amsterdam, Passenger Terminal. 28-29 september 2016.

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Passion for robotics, from design engineering, electronics, computing and control. Organization of various events of amateur robotics, the most significant events are: 2006 during the Eurobot held in Catania. Organization at the FabLab SPQwoRk Rome event Officine Robotiche 2014 and Officine Robotiche 2015.

Manager of the websites of non-vocational:

Officine Robotiche logo

Founder and Vice President of Officine Robotiche a NO PROFIT association works to diffuse robotics in Italy and other. logo is the official website in Italy for minisumo competition.


This forum was born during my first year of Automatic engineering (2006) . Now is the official forum for the DIAG department.

Sports: basketball, snowboarding and billiards, with the interest in windsurfing and football.

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