👨‍💻 Advanced Usage#

You can install jtop in a virtual environment or in a docker following the guidelines below

Virtual environment

If you need to install in a virtual environment like virtualenv, you must install before in your host and after in your environment, like:

virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -U jetson-stats

jtop is a complete controller of all systems in your NVIDIA Jetson

  • Tegrastats

  • NVP Model

  • Fan

  • Status board (i.g. Model version, Jetpack, … )

from jtop import jtop

You can initialize the jtop node like a file i.g.

with jtop() as jetson:
    # jetson.ok() will provide the proper update frequency
    while jetson.ok():
        # Read tegra stats

Or manually start up with the basic function open/close

jetson = jtop()
stat = jetson.stats

You can read the status of your NVIDIA Jetson via callback

def read_stats(jetson):

# Open the jtop
jetson = jtop()
# Attach a function where you can read the status of your jetson

Other examples are available in example folder.