Today I’m in 3° IAA Conference and I and Lorenzo speech on “Sampled-Data Stabilization Around the L2 Translunar Libration Point”. The 3rd IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop & International Workshop on Lean Satellite Standardization.

The Abstract on “Sampled-Data Stabilization Around the L2 Translunar Libration Point” written by Lorenzo Ricciardi Celsi, Raffaello Bonghi, Salvatore Monaco, Dorothée Normand-Cyrot


The paper recalls the achievement of quasi-halo orbit following around the L2 translunar libration point via continuous-time nonlinear regulation and presents the corresponding sampled-data design by emulation. The paper also introduces a multirate sampled-data stabilizing control law for performing the same task. Simulation results concerning two such sampled-data control strategies show that the latter sensibly improves the tracking performances compared to the former.

Many pictures from the conference:

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