March 19, 2017




Employment: March 2017 - Now
City: Rome, Italy

Position: Junior consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Consultant for ENEL about energy smart metering.


Over technologies is a spin off of La Sapienza university of Rome for Energy metering for domestics environment.

Employment: November 2016 – March 2017
City: Rome

Position: Embedded software engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

Firmware developer for NanOMeter. It continuously monitors the electricity used and is equipped with internet connection and it can be mounted in each electric panel.

IIT Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Employment: Oct 2014 – March 2015
City: Genova, Italy

Position: Stage

Roles and Responsibilities:

A Collaboration for european project called CoDyCo. Analysis of the phenomena of friction on brushless motors of the humanoid robot iCub. Development of a program on Matlab to estimate the phenomena of friction.

Reference: Prof. Francesco Nori and Daniele Pucci

Univeristy of Rome la SapienzaCenter of Research ENEA Frascati

DIAG & ENEA Frascati

Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering  Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome & Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy Sustainable Economic Development.

Employment: nov 2012 – sep 2014
City: Rome and Frascati

Position: Junior Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

Design and construction of a prototype of a mobile platform for inspection of Tokamak FTU Frascati. Construction of a rail system over the Web and via joystick. Construction of the electronic control of the actuators and system integration platform ROS (Robot Operating System).

Reference: Prof. Salvatore Monaco


Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment.

Employment: nov 2013
City: Rome

Position: Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Creation of a 3D model and Solidworks FEM a harp piano.

Reference: Prof. Adelina Borruto


WLAB (Wireless Lab) is a research intensive SME established in 2002 to emphasise a culture of innovation and technical excellence in the area of wireless technologies, mobile/pervasive computing and open/social technologies.

Employment: July 2013 - August 2013
City: Rome

Position: Software engineer trainee

Roles and Responsibilities:

Acquisition of electrical signals generated by plants in response to external stimuli.

Reference: Prof. Andrea Vitaletti

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